Safes Ratings

Safes Locks Richmond IndianaSafes are built in several burglary classifications, as well as fire classifications. Here are the most common.

“B” rated safes are constructed of less than 1/2 inch thick steel walls, and doors less than 1inch thick steel.

“C”rated safes are constructed of at least1/2 inch thick steel walls, and doors at least 1 inch thick steel.

Please look at the construction specifications when looking at the safe you may choose.

To the B and C rated safes are other ratings added to the safes security rating

They are: B1 – Theft resistant (minimum security)

B2 – UL listed RSC (Residential Security Container)

B3 – Non rated anti theft ( incorporates features of security safes without a UL rating)

B4 – UL listed TL-15 (UL tested Tool Rated for 15 minutes – door only)

B5 – UL listed TL-30 (UL tested Tool Rated for 30 minutes – door only)

B6 – UL listed TL-30X6 or TRTL-30X6 (UL Tested Too land/or Torch rated on all six sides for 30 minutes)

C rated safes can have the above classifications also.

Fire Rated safes can be only Fire Rated constructed (with their own fire ratings) or can be constructed with the above burglary ratings.

Please look closely when choosing a safe when the safe construction combines fire and burglary ratings.

Paper begins to char at 400 degrees.

Fire ratings consist of an outside temperature (including time)while maintaining a minimum inside temperature of 350 degrees

Time and outside temperature are both important factors to consider when purchasing a safe.

UL Class 350- 1/2 hour fire rating. (Heated for 1/2 hour at 1550 degrees)

UL Class 350 – 1 hour fire rating. ( Heated for 1 hour at 1550 degrees)

UL Class 350 – 2 hour fire rating. ( Heated for 2 hours at 1550 degrees)

UL Class 350 – 1 hour fire rating and impact testing label

UL Class 350 -2 hour fire rating and impact testing label

UL impact test ratings calls for the safe to be heated at least to 1550 degrees for 30 minutes (1638 degrees for a 2 hour rated safe) then dropped onto concrete rubble from a height of 30 feet.Then the safe is turned upside down and heated for an additional 30 minutes (45 minutes for a 2 hour rated safe). The safe must maintain its integrity and protect all contents.

These are examples of just some of the UL fire labels. If you see UL labels with higher temperatures and times, of course the rating is better.

Just make sure it has UL rating labels for both burglary and fire and know the specific ratings.